The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #realestate #house #strong

Janet was laying in bed looking at her watch as I walked into her room this afternoon. She had agreed to nap for one hour and was very aware that the hour had passed. I doubt she slept and we had things to do so I helped her get up. We had some real estate business to take care of and I’m excited to announce we have removed the subjects on the home we are buying so its full steam ahead for the big move now. Janet is excited its all happening and a little unsure of the transition period knowing she won’t be able to come home for a few weeks depending on how much work we decide to do. That’ll be a big adjustment and I’ll have to think of some fun ways to fill that time.

With time before dinner Janet elected to do the Shuttle and I challenged her today by upping the tension for each of her sets. She was not happy with me but persevered and did very well. Standing on her own was great today as she is gaining confidence and is more willing to try and put weight on her right leg. Her Standing Frame session after dinner was complaint free for once as she enjoyed watching football while “standing”.

No fancy dinner out tonight and lots of boring real estate stuff to do made for a tired Janet a little earlier than normal. She is really looking forward to coming home for the weekend and I’m praying its a good one.

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