The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #purging #trinitykelowna #toast

After a pretty good nights’ sleep Janet got up fairly early for a Saturday and we enjoyed a pleasant breakfast time making sure we were all fueled up before tackling the day. Janet continues to gain confidence in her abilities and scared me a little this morning when she tried getting up from the table to walk to the other end of the kitchen and make herself some toast. I had left her sitting in a dining chair eating breakfast while I showered and by the time I got back she had spun around in it and was clearly trying to stand up. She was frustrated to realize she couldn’t do it but I love the attitude in initially thinking she could. One day.

We had a nice Skype chat with Mary/Gaga on our new computer then headed downstairs for more purging. Today was to be a final sweep of Laurel and Heathers’ old room and we didn’t quite get it finished as we had no idea there was that much stuff in there. A lot of it is garage sale material and in fact we sold their desks and dressers today just after cleaning them out. Good timing.

Courtney came by for a visit and joined us for a late lunch. It was nice to catch up with her and really nice to have her go through her stuff and lessen some of the clutter. Janet and I stopped work in time to do a drive by of a couple houses on the way to church. One looked promising but we decided against the neighborhood, the other was the one that’s not listed yet and we keep trying to catch the owner at home. No luck. The church was happy to receive some of the spoils of our purging today and we enjoyed the worship experience and being able to visit some of the Team Save Janet crew.

It was dinner and a movie at home night following church and we are 0 for 2 in recent movie choices. Don’t bother with I Give it a Year. We usually do well with British comedies and there were a few very funny moments but not worth recommending. Janet stayed awake the whole time so it couldn’t have been that bad I guess. We started getting ready for bed as soon as the movie ended and Janet was sleeping before prayer time. Praying for a full night of sleep that provides lots of energy for tomorrow.

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