The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #hottub #nash #purging #showing #panting #rant

Janet had a much better sleep Saturday night and since it was Sunday today and we had nothing scheduled until the afternoon I let her totally sleep in to try and catch up on what she’d missed the two previous nights. She woke up on her own at almost ten and was looking refreshed.

After a leisurely breakfast it was time to get to work as there was a showing scheduled for two. After some minor clean up Janet started vacuuming. This time I only needed to get her started and position her a couple times otherwise she was good to go for the whole hardwood living area. Her comment once she was done, about twenty minutes later was, “I’m exhausted”. It is pretty hard work for her especially considering she has to propel her wheelchair as well as operate the vacuum. Good job!

We made our escape before the showing along with Nash and stopped to get a few things at London Drugs before going to check out a neighborhood we are interested in. We parked in the VIP parking right by the doors and left all the windows down for Nash. As we approached the checkout area ten minutes later there was a page for the owner of a car with our license plate number. Customer Service told me they’d had a complaint about the dog “panting” in the car. I politely explained we had been in the store ten minutes and were on our way out, the dog is fine. Then we got in line to pay and were able to see out to our car. There was a women and a guy looking at it and they were both acting like they’d just seen a murder. He whipped out his phone and she came inside to Customer Service who pointed us out in the line up. Thanks. This lunatic approached us explaining she was the one who complained. Duh. Without going into detail, I didn’t handle this in a very Christ like way but I didn’t make it personal, I ended it telling her to mind her own business. Fully expecting to be assaulted when we got to our car I elected to not engage the freak on his phone and focus on getting Janet in the car and Nash a drink of water as normal. I’m not sure who he was talking to but he really wanted me hung. I hope it wasn’t 911 because if someone with a legitimate emergency couldn’t get through that would be a real crime. We had planned on grabbing some Wrap Zone while we were there but decided to get out before the Sheriff arrived so we headed for what would be a nice new neighborhood for us. Nash was happy to walk through Guisachan Park with us despite all his panting and even survived a walk of about three blocks around the neighborhood, panting all the way. One lady even slowed her car down to smile at him as he was panting. I kept hoping the do gooders had followed us but no luck.

We arrived back home at three thinking the folks looking at the house would be gone but they weren’t, so with Nash still panting we went for a little walk on our street. Cam called so we sat and chatted with him and watched for the people to leave, Nash panted the whole time and was really showing signs of relaxing. Finally, an hour after they had gotten there and almost two hours after their appointment time, the lookers left and we got to go home. Nash panted all around the house and yard as he could smell that someone had been there. Janet wanted to go for a swim but the water was too cold, so hot tub it was. We still hadn’t done much exercise this weekend so I was glad to get a good stretch on her legs and right shoulder. Nash hung out on the deck with us, panting most of the time.

Our PC finally died so I get to shop for a new computer. Janet has no interest in that at all so I brought up some boxes from under the stairs and had her sort through the stuff while I shopped. Most of what I brought up was old stuff from when the kids were in school and Janet did a great job sorting things into piles for each kid. Rather than us deciding what to keep and what to throw out, the kids can do that once we have it all sorted. I’m sure Cam will want to hang on to all his report cards. Nash laid on the floor beside us panting except when he was sleeping. He was only sleeping, not dead, we could tell because every few minutes he would open his eyes, lift his head and pant a little.

We enjoyed a nice dinner outside then did a little more purging before watching The Secret Millionaire. We used to watch this show together a lot and would often end up in tears after each episode. No tears tonight as I think Janet was a little too tired to really get into it. She’s having a little challenge getting to sleep right now but I’m confident it’ll be a good night. Nash is sleeping on the floor beside Janet, no longer panting, because he’s sleeping.

Praying for rest and healing. Praying for wisdom in dealing with lunatics and thanking God for everything He’s blessed us with.

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