The Team Save Janet Report is Out! #TSJ #house4sale #realestate #cars

I pulled up to the patio off of Janet’s house at Connect, she was sitting out there waiting for me but didn’t clue in that it was me until Nash popped his head out the window at her. Big laughs and smiles.

Karl and Lorne had put Janet through her paces this morning and she was already for the weekend. Nash was very excited to see Karl and his buddy from last night, Humberto, who greeted Nash with a “hello friend”. Makes me rethink that therapy dog idea.

There were three showings of our house scheduled for this afternoon so we weren’t allowed to go home for quite a while. We did have an appointment at one of the Ford dealers in town and that as Janet even remembered was our first stop. We test drove a Fusion and a Focus. There is no comparison in driving experience between the two and apparently the same can be said about the riding experience. Janet noticed how much quieter and smoother the Fusion is. She can get in and out of both equally and her wheelchair can squeeze into the Focus but alas, not the Fusion. Maybe we need to look at a folding wheelchair.

Still with time to kill we stopped at Red Robin and sat outside sharing a salad for an hour. Nash waited patiently in the car as he had at the Ford dealership so we took him to the Mission Creek Greenway so he could run around a little. He wasn’t too interested though as it was pretty hot again today. We made one more car shopping stop before going home and that was at the Subaru dealer. I was disappointed there as the only car Janet could get in and out of is their version of the Focus minus the hatch space for the wheelchair. We’ll check out some others as we get time.

Home at 5:30 we later learned that we just missed a family that had been checking the place out. Apparently they stayed for over an hour and will be making an offer tomorrow. Pray its a good one.

With all the showings today the blinds had been open all day and since we don’t bother with air conditioning it was very hot inside and the sun was beating on both decks so Janet and I sat out front to cool down before Skypeing with Laurel. Janet wanted to hear from her as to when she’s “coming to town” and is excited that it’ll happen this coming Wednesday. Janet helped prep and build pizzas which I cooked on the BBQ. Turned out great and after watching AGT we went to bed where Janet continues to toss and turn as I write this.

Praying for rest tonight, a good offer on our house tomorrow and weekend of progress for Janet.

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