The Team Save Janet Report is Out. #tsj #bigbrother #swimming #realestate #rachellayne

Monday began with an early wake up call in order to be ready for Les, our realtor, being here at ten to have us sign the listing documents for the sale of our house. Janet’s night was a little restless but not bad and she was enthusiastic about the busy day ahead.

We had some time after breakfast to de-clutter the place a little as Les mentioned he would take pictures this morning as well. It’s surprising how messy things can look when you consider taking a picture of it as opposed to just living with it. Cleaning up seems to be a good one for Janet and she did a good job including packing our stuff for swimming. Les got us through the paperwork and Janet did an excellent job signing her name and initials over and over again.

Before we knew it it was time to head to KGH for swimming where we would meet Janet’s brother Mike who was flying in for a quick visit. This was the first session at KGH in a few weeks so I wasn’t sure what to expect from Janet. She did exceptionally well, walking numerous lengths of the parallel bars, swimming strong on her tummy and back and doing some good balancing. During the second session Janet was able to swim on her back five lengths without stopping and needing no help turning other than verbal cues from me. She had a massive smile on her face while doing this and I’m not sure if she was proud of herself or if Mike was making her laugh. He’s very good at that and although today’s visit was short, we enjoyed it and hope to see him again soon, especially if he buys lunch again.


It was going on four o’clock when we got home and Janet was showing signs that the busy day was getting to her a little. She was quite adamant that she wasn’t going to have a sleep but five minutes after hitting the pillow she was out and didn’t wake until 5:30. It was very hot and she was still a little groggy so we decided to delay dinner and sit outside with a drink before joining Kiko at Second Cup to watch our friend Rachel Layne sing. Of course it was freezing inside the coffee shop but Rachel performed well and with a hot decaf coffee in her hands and a sweater on, Janet enjoyed the evening very much.




When we got back to Connect Janet surprised me by agreeing to do some Shuttle work and really showed her increasing strength. High five! She would’ve done the Standing Frame as well but it was too late I thought so we watched a few minutes of TV before bed with the lights going out at 10:30. A very solid day for Janet and I feel like she’s set for a good week ahead. Praying that Janet continues to work hard at all aspects of her recovery.

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