The Team Save Janet Report is Out. #tsj #smart #chores #blueberries #homealone

Today was a day off so to speak. Nothing scheduled except pick up the dog before noon. We both woke up way too early, 7:30, which is typical anytime you plan on sleeping in but we managed to correct that and not get up until ten. Janet’s night was pretty good and she was well rested to start the day.

The breakfast routine is going really well these days with Janet drinking an entire glass of water without nagging and taking her meds with minimal supervision. She was particularly alert this morning when it came time for toast. I defaulted to the store bought bread in the freezer and she remembered the fresh loaf that Barb greeted us with when we got home Saturday night. Sorry Barb. By the time breakfast was done it was getting a little late to be picking Nash up from the kennel so I did something I probably shouldn’t do. I took off to get the dog by myself leaving Janet home alone. That actually was the plan today all along but I thought I’d leave her chatting with someone on Skype while I took the fifteen minutes round trip. No one was available at the time so Janet sat with her toast and coffee and bravely waited. When I got back she was trying to put the TV on and all was well. My concern about leaving her isn’t so much that she would get into trouble it’s what if something happens to me and she can’t call for help. I may get a wrist slap for this one but its a good discussion point.

Making things up as we went along today we decided to pretend we were living in the unit at SOPA Square we are considering buying. We measured and placed furniture in our living space to mimic SOPA Square and decided the space would work fine. Neither of us is happy with the lack of natural light however and I think that’s a deal breaker. We both love the sun too much and to have the sunniest rooms in the house be the bedrooms doesn’t cut it with us. Janet did well studying the floor plan and comparing it to what we have now and seemed to remember the feel of being in my moms condo which is similar in size the one at SOPA. She was more happy to put the furniture back where it belongs though.

The forty seven and a half pounds of blueberries we brought home from Nanaimo needed to be bagged and put in the freezer so downstairs we went and Janet scooped while I held the bags.

20130812-010846.jpgEight full bags later we were done. It’ll be interesting to see how long these last. Continuing in a domestic chores theme I gave Janet the task of sorting and folding laundry which she did very deliberately and neatly for someone with one functional arm. We put the stuff away together and again I felt her enthusiasm and desire to contribute. That continued as we moved a few things upstairs to continue trying to shrink our living space to what we may be living in in the next house. Janet bravely tried lifting a flat of canned dog food. She’s strong but not that strong.

Janet agreed to some rest time late in the afternoon and helped get us ready for dinner by wiping down and setting the table outside. I look forward to her being able to do more of this in a house she get can around in by herself. Here, I have to wheel her through the carpeted bedroom and over the sill onto the balcony. Still, its great she’s involved. The after dinner hot tub was very relaxing and I got Janet’s legs into the extenders on her wheelchair as we watched AGT before going to bed.

Janet was pretty busy for a day off, I even got a little exercise into the mix. We did a few sessions of standing on her own and once when I forgot to bring the wheelchair in after a pee break, I helped her “walk” out to it. She certainly knows what she’d like to do when walking, there just isn’t enough control of that right leg yet. I loved hanging out with her today as she showed me repeatedly how much smarter and stronger she’s getting. Praying for a night of deep healing and rest in preparation for a busy day tomorrow.

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