The Team Save Janet Report is Out. #TSJ #Nanaimo #roadtrip #blueberries #traffic

Ok, going to try old school blogging on a daily basis again as staying up late to write each Wednesday isn’t working for me.

Today is day one of a little roadtrip to Nanaimo to visit my mom and pick some of BC’s best blueberries. Janet’s day started with a not so busy morning as the staff were quite busy, so after a shower and breakfast it wasn’t until 11:30 that Jess got her into the gym. They managed to get through a good routine and when I walked in at 12:20 Janet had just finished her lunch and I watched her clean up her dishes. I love spying on her and it was really cute how she looks at something like a garbage can and expects it to automatically open. She’ll also put a cup or something under a water faucet and expect water to magically start pouring out. I guess our new house will have to have motion activated everything. As soon as she’d put her plate away she headed for the patio to get warm. Wheeling right passed me she clearly was on a mission and when the doors wouldn’t open just because she was there she did try and push one side open. That was too tough so Jess helped her and I followed undetected. Janet saw the car and became suspicious then turned her head enough to see me. It was nice to watch her try and do so much on her own as opposed to sitting there waiting for something to happen.

We hit the road on another hot Okanagan summer day, the type of day that makes it hard to leave but knowing it was nice on the coast too I looked forward to the drive. Silly me. I’ve made the trip to Horseshoe Bay a number of times in less than four hours so today, since we planned on catching a ferry out of Tsawwassen I allowed an extra forty five minutes. Should have been plenty but was no where close. We missed our ferry by an additional forty five minutes but drove straight onto one sailing to Victoria.

Janet slept most of the drive down, waking for a pee stop in Hope where for once it was sunny, then the traffic hit. I knew we were doomed when we were barely doing the speed limit passing Chilliwack. When we came to a complete stop two kilometers from the George Massey Tunnel it was officially game over. Not all was lost though as the ferry ride to Victoria was beautiful and went by quite quickly.

We had a decent dinner with a great view. A good practice run for a real cruise.

Once on the Island I figured it’d be clear sailing to mom’s. Not today, as at 8:30 at night the main highway was reduced to single lane alternating traffic in the middle of a Provincial Park. Only in BC.

Nine hours after leaving Kelowna we pulled up to my mom’s place in Nanaimo and went straight to the hot tub as it was “closing” in minutes. The stretch was really good for Janet after sitting so much this afternoon and the Fresca on the balcony afterwards was gone in record time. We are looking forward to a fun day in the sun tomorrow.

Footnote. Just after leaving Connect we saw John wheeling along the road and stopped to say hi. He hasn’t been able to do his sing along stuff with Janet for a few weeks as he’s having trouble with one of his meds. Please pray for him, he’s in good spirits as always but clearly suffering.

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