Les Miserables. A night at KGH

I promised to post updates whenever a worthy event occurred but I never said they’d all be positive events.

Last night at around 8:15 after enjoying a nice sushi dinner and half an hour into the movie Les Miserabless, Janet started complaining of pain in her stomach. I immediately thought she had to go to the bathroom as she hadn’t gone since Friday morning. She vehemently refused to go to the bathroom and reluctantly accepted the chance to lay down. With no consistent easing of the pain I decided to take her to KGH in case something serious was going on. We arrived at KGH at 9:45 and began the waiting game.

Janet was called quickly for blood work and an ECG. The ECG surprised me but they wanted to rule out all possibilities and apparently heart pain can be transferred to other parts of the body. Both those tests came back normal and Janet and I waited for the next event, X-rays. After an I V was installed and a pain med given, Toradol, Janet was wheeled to X-ray at 12:20am. As with the last time we went through this I had to help position Janet for two of the pictures to be taken on account of her right arm. One of the techs worked with Janet last time so that made things easier and with me wearing the lead vest we got the shots needed and were out in twenty minutes.

Sleep came easily to Janet after that and she got a good couple hours in before nurse Trevor tried an enema with no results. Janet’s X-rays showed lots of stool build up high in her abdomen again so no surprise the enema didn’t work. Both Trevor and Dr. Paul Cleave were unfamiliar with the Restoran that Janet had been on. He did promise to re order the “urgent” colonoscopy that was ordered May 9th. Hopefully that happens soon. We were offered a bunch of options we’ve already tried without success so we left KGH at 4:15am with a prescription for more Restoran and with Janet rested and reasonably comfortable.

We both got up around 10:30 this morning and Janet has had a good day so far although she’s a little tired. Jen at Connect was able to find a pharmacy that could fill Janet’s prescription today and as soon as we got to Connect Janet had a BM. She reluctantly went for a bike ride and is now in the standing frame before we go home for dinner.

Praying for comfort and resolution to Janet’s toileting challenges.

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