Walking Tall 2. A stand up day for Janet. #TSJ

Janet’s day got off to a busy start as Tez got her into the walking sling as she stood at the parallel bars. He showed me some video of their session and I can see why Janet said it was very difficult. She was doing all the things we do in the pool but without the support of the water. The sling supports her of course but it’s a totally different sensation, much more real I think. Janet did very well and hopefully will use this as a way to realize how well she is doing.

I got to Connect this afternoon just as John was wrapping up his sing along session with Janet. They both seemed to be having fun and they gave me a little demonstration before calling it a day and Janet was certainly taking a leading role and singing well but she still needs to turn up her volume and keep her throat clear. It was nice to see her smiling as she does with John.

I convinced Janet to have a little nap after her sing along session as long as I stayed in the room with her. She didn’t sleep much and each time I tried to sneak out she opened her eyes so after an hour I just got her up. It was time for our meeting with wheelchair man anyways so off we went to meet Brian and Jared. It was a very productive meeting with Jared making what I think will be some of the last modifications to Janet’s chair before we strike a deal to buy one. The improvements were noticeable right away as Janet was able to clear some bumps she had difficulty with previously.

Next up was the weekly Skype chat with Mary/Gaga then a trip to the kitchen to see how dinner was doing. It was well under control so Garrett invited Janet to the gym for a bike ride. I think we’ve made a little progress as far as Janet’s willingness to go to the gym goes. She was quite adamant at the start that she wasn’t going but after being reminded that the bike is helping make her legs stronger she agreed to go “as long as that’s what it is”. I’m hopeful she is starting to realize what each exercise does for her and that should help her see the benefits of each more clearly. Garrett reported a successful ride with Janet’s goal being twenty minutes and she stopped on her own at 20:09. She’s smarter than we sometimes think.

Rather than put her in lounging mode after dinner Garrett brought out the standing frame and Janet was able to stand pretty nice and tall for more than twenty minutes while watching some basketball.

There is a Keek of me “walking” her where you can get a better idea of how she’s standing. @larrylatour Her habit of staying up late has not diminished at all and she was quite alert as we watched the election results with Bob and Garrett until way past her recommended bed time.

The biggest concern with Janet right now continues to be the lack of bowel movements. It’s been over a week now and the Peg-Lyte clearly isn’t having an effect at all. If nothing happens by Thursday morning I’ll take her back to the ER so they can dynamite her.

Praying for a good sleep tonight, success in the bathroom tomorrow morning and lots of energy for an active Wednesday.

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