Waiting Game. A bit of a long day again for Janet. #TSJ

All reports this morning had Janet feeling good and not bleeding. She showered and ate breakfast and seemed ready for action. Apparently Connect has a policy whereby they cannot administer anything to a resident without a doctor’s prescription or order. The Peg-Lyte I was given at KGH yesterday did not come with any paperwork so the staff were unable to get Janet started on it this morning. Lorne volunteered to take Janet to the nearby walk in clinic to get a doctor’s note and over two hours later they returned. Successful but only after waiting a ridiculous amount of time for something as silly as that. In the last two days Janet has spent over seven hours waiting and it clearly affected her. She was hungry when she got back to Connect and devoured an apple as it was too close to dinner for anything else. Happy hour consisted of her first 480ml glass of Peg-Lyte and I have to praise her for drinking it as fast as she did. There were lots of funny faces but she was persistent and had an empty glass a half hour after starting. High five!

There was no immediate effect from the Peg-Lyte except for a boost in hydration. I don’t think Janet’s ever drank that much of anything that fast. It may have affected her head as well because she agreed to go to the gym and ride the bike before dinner. When we got there she was surprised that she was getting on “that bike”, she said her bike “is out there somewhere”, pointing outside. I got her set up and she ended up doing about twenty two minutes with a few stops along the way. Considering the day she was having I thought she did very well.

It’s Derek’s birthday today and he requested a roast beef dinner complete with Yorkshire Pudding for dinner tonight. The Yorkshire Pudding was a challenge for the staff but they pulled together and got it done. Janet enjoyed it as much as Derek did but the highlight was the cake Jess made. Yummy. I’ve been asking Janet if she wanted to try standing at the parallel bars for a while now, always getting a no. Tonight she agreed as long as I did it with her so up to the second floor we went. I demonstrated what I wanted her to do, which is pull up perpendicular to the bars, plant her feet, scoot forward in her chair and use her left arm to pull herself up to a standing position. She needed a couple of attempts and a kick start from me but on the third try she was able to stand pretty tall and with me barely touching her to keep her from falling backwards. I could really sense the effort in her legs that time and for once she didn’t cry when she accomplished something. I’m going to try and do this everyday with her now.

After all that it was time for lounging to watch some basketball. Janet’s right leg remains nice and loose but I sense an increase in the tightness of her left leg. Could just be the lack of activity the last few days so hopefully we can hot tub at home and hit the pool on Monday to get her going strong again. All the talk around Connect is about the Spring Fling tomorrow but Janet is still not sure about the whole thing. Jess promised to put her to work helping with pancakes in the morning and I know Janet will like that. Praying for a good sleep tonight and lots of energy tomorrow.

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