Reluctant Progress. Janet grins and bears it. #TSJ

Tez had Janet in the standing frame again this morning and by all accounts it went well. Mary Lou did her usual Speech session with Janet as well and after some negotiating with Jess, Janet agreed to have a nap. She says she didn’t sleep but Jess checked on her an hour in and she was snoring away. By the time I arrived Janet was watching TV in the living room and seeming quite happy. She had trouble telling me about her day but with some prompting got the major points out. She did know she was watching Dr. Oz and he was talking about Aspirin. High five. I told her some good news from Dr. McCann’s office that I got this morning. I had given a report on the effect of the Botox and also mentioned I had not noticed any negative reaction to Janet being on a lesser dose of Methylphenidate for the last three weeks so he agreed to discontinue it all together. One less pill for Janet to swallow!

I took Janet out in the sun for a walk before our first order of business, the weekly Skype chat with Leslie. We walked around part of the neighborhood we have not explored yet and agreed we don’t want to live there. It would have been nice to stay outside to Skype but the wifi connection was too slow so we had to go to Janet’s room. Before we could get back out Garrett offered to take Janet to the gym to ride the bike. I was disappointed that Janet fought the invitation the way she did. I felt she did really well yesterday and that she seemed very comfortable on the bike. As the argument progressed it became quite apparent that Janet is really lacking confidence in doing the gym activities. She feels she should be better than she is and doesn’t see the progress she’s making. The great thing about the bike is it shows you exactly how you are performing and once Janet reluctantly agreed to go, Garrett and I were able to show her the numbers to watch. She made a steady twelve rpm for twenty two minutes today. We didn’t measure yesterday’s session but today’s seemed better and Janet was reasonably happy afterwards. I don’t want her to focus too much on the numbers as some days will be better than others, today was better but I got a sense she was being obedient rather than fully participatory. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

The bike ride definitely gave Janet a boost of energy and appetite. After dinner we went for a walk to Beasley Park and watched the last twenty minutes of a soccer game. It was really nice sitting in the sun doing that but it was hard to see as the grandstand is on the east side of the fields and at that time of day the sun is shining right in your face. Still lots better than watching soccer in the North Vancouver rain like we used to.

Janet wanted to read when we got back to Connect and we got a good chunk of Slow Dance done. Almost finished. My cousin Sharon, shared a video with us that features a really cool bike that I could use with Janet. More importantly the video is a beautiful story of love. Janet and I both teared up watching it. Your turn.

Praying for a solid night’s rest and an energetic tomorrow.

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