On the Town. Bright day for Janet. #TSJ

After an afternoon of house hunting I arrived at Connect to find Janet in the gym with Garrett and Joel, an OT student. These are always good experiences for Janet as she gets a full workout so the student can learn all her exercises. Joel did a good job with her and Garrett noticed improvement in Janet’s legs and hips. Brian was there too, he says observing Joel but spent the whole time talking to me so I don’t know about that. It is really good to have Brian leading the team as he is always looking for ways to make things better for Janet and is very easy to talk to. We came up with a few more tweaks to the wheelchair and look forward to trying them. Both Brian and I want to make sure everything is right for Janet before we make the move to purchasing one.

When Janet’s workout was over we headed to her room for a Skype session with Leslie and Gavin. Nice to see them sitting on their deck as opposed to shoveling snow. Janet did a good job of conversing with her sister and made some rather intelligent statements and responses to Leslie’s questions and stories.

I decided since we were going to the Lake Country Coffee House for music night tonight we may as well go a little early and have dinner there too. We met Suzanne there and had a very enjoyable evening catching up with her, listening to some music and having a little food. There is a Keek introduced by Janet if your interested. @larrylatour

Janet and I got back to Connect around eight and she was showing signs of fading and even admitted to being tired. We slowly started the bedtime routine as there was lots to talk about that I hadn’t had a chance to talk about yet. During our conversation we ended up on Facebook and I asked Janet if she knew who this was.

As soon as she saw the picture she burst out into one of the loudest and longest laughs I’ve heard from her. For a little while I thought she was going to cry but she kept laughing and saying something like “uggily”. As soon as I gave her the first syllable she knew it was Gilligan and laughed some more. A fun way to end a good day for Janet. Garrett said her day was good. Her and Jess made chocolate chip cookies, she had a good session in the gym this morning and even agreed to have a nap. She must’ve been dreaming during that nap as when Garrett got her up around three she was very happy and saying it was her birthday. When she finally realized it wasn’t her birthday she started crying. As long as I’ve known Janet she’s never made a big deal out of her birthday, in fact she mostly wanted nothing to do with it at all. Looks like this year will be different.

Praying for lots of rest tonight that provides lots of strength and energy for tomorrow.

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