Keeping Up With the Jones’s. Good day in the pool. #TSJ

Janet slept so well last night I had to wake her up this morning so we could enjoy breakfast and not be rushed to get to the pool. She seemed bright and energetic and was ready for action once in the water. My goal for her today was to get more confident in the water and to gain more spacial awareness. After warming and loosening up I tried to get her floating on her own and she almost made it and I think that if she can gain control of her right leg she’d be there. That right leg was her biggest impediment today by far as it was doing it’s own thing most of the time. Quite the mystery to me as every day is different and every hour can be different. Last night she couldn’t move her right leg to save her life, while getting dressed this morning she moved it almost as well as her left leg. Janet is as aware of not being able to get that leg to do what she wants it to do as she is her right arm and for the most part handles that awareness very well. Hopefully she keeps trying to get them both to work. The session continued with some walking and standing exercises with Janet trying very hard to accomplish both. During our second half hour I focused on the walking and standing and Janet stood on her own for about three seconds a couple of times. Again, that right leg prevented her from doing better but she quickly learned how to save herself from falling to the right and even got herself to fall towards me a few times and she doesn’t seem as afraid of getting her face in the water as previous. I’m hopeful I can get her standing on her own soon.

We made our usual exit through the Rehab Unit and had a nice chat with Nicole, a Speech Therapist that worked with Janet while she was in rehab. Nicole was so surprised to hear Janet speaking so clearly. That visit was a nice confidence booster for Janet even though she didn’t really remember Nicole. I noticed Dr. Jones at the nurses station and went in to tell him someone wanted to see him. He immediately put a huge smile on his face and headed out to see Janet who flashed him the biggest smile of recognition I’ve seen her give anybody. She remembered Dr. Jones and he was totally thrilled to see her. Had I known the reunion was going to be that dramatic I would have had the camera rolling. Dr. Jones is very impressed by the progress Janet has made and said she’s come farther faster than he thought she would. Amen.

Seems everywhere we go these days someone knows Janet and as expected at the passport office we saw Todd, a super guy that has done a lot of landscaping work for us. Janet wasn’t sure who I was talking about going in but recognized him as soon as she saw him. Janet still says no when I ask her if she wants to say hi to someone but when she actual does it she is very happy so I’m not going to ask anymore.

There was time for a short nap before dinner at Connect then time for a quick stretch before a Skype chat with Andrew. The stretching seemed to give Janet a little energy boost and enable her to have a decent conversation with Andrew. She was pretty much ready for bed then but asked if I would read a little Slow Dance to her first. Once again lots of similarities to Janet’s experience and she is more accepting of them now too. Her bedtime routine went really well, no significant confusion, and she was happy to wrap up in the blankets and call it a day. Praying for lots of rest and healing tonight so that Janet is prepared for an active day tomorrow.

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