2 Alarms, No Fire. Long day for Janet. #TSJ

A surprise greeted me at Connect this afternoon. No Janet in the living room. Could she be napping? Lorne explained that she was laying down and had been for about an hour or so. He had to trick her into doing so by doing a few leg stretches on the bed with her then saying he had to go to the bathroom. He turned her iPod on and left the room and never went back. We think she slept a little bit and I was waiting till three thirty to get her up. At three twenty her alarm pendant went off. Lorne and I went to her room and found Janet sitting on the edge of her bed holding the pendant, crying and asking me “when did you get here?”. As in, if I was here before why didn’t I come into her room. The reason she pushed her alarm and was so upset was the alarm on her bedside clock radio had gone off and was making an annoying racket. Lorne and I both praised her for sounding the alarm and I sensed she felt good about doing it. I also thought it was good she told us clearly why she’d done it and good she wondered about me being there. Lorne reset everything and Janet calmed down. I’d heard she had two good trips to the gym already today so we headed home for the weekend.

We got home just in time for our scheduled Skype chat with Mary/Gaga. Janet and her had a good talk with Janet answering questions quite well. Kicking back with a Fresca I then had Janet open some mail, one piece of which was this picture of us on our wedding day. JanetLarryWedding20030419 I mentioned in a previous post that we didn’t have one of just the two of us. Mary/Gaga did and now we do too. Thanks! I’m not sure about that look I have on my face though. Looks like I think I just got away with something. Captions anyone?

My cousin Katie and her friend Sarah were crashing at our house tonight on their way from Nanaimo to Saskatchewan and we told them they’d be able to make pizzas when they arrived. Janet chopped peppers and made her pizza as well as most of mine. I find it interesting how she places things very neatly around the edge of the pizza but puts almost nothing in the middle. Vision thing? Janet was hungry so we ate and were almost finished when the girls arrived. Janet doesn’t know Katie very well but I think she enjoyed having some chatter in the house for a while and afterwards said “they are nice girls”. The travelers crashed when Janet should have but she was determined to watch some basketball and since it was a close game I let her. It really was more a case of not wanting to go to bed yet as opposed to watching the game although she is improving at being able to tell me the score. A couple times she was able to read the numbers, she just said them wrong. By the time the game ended she couldn’t see anything though as her eyes were closed.

Today was pretty good for Janet with more evidence of short and long term memory improvements, some well thought out comments and answers and good results in the gym. Praying for lots of rest tonight and a fun day tomorrow.

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