Walkies. Good day in the pool. #TSJ

No sleeping in today as we were up to get ready for swimming at KGH. We arrived in plenty of time and Janet was excited to get into the water. I think mostly because it’s so warm but she does enjoy floating around and trying to swim. I put her through the usual routine waiting for Tez to show up and coach us from his perspective. He thought we were in for an hour and turned up just as we were getting out. Thankfully he knows pool man Jim and asked if Janet could go in with the next group and it was an easy yes. Back in the water I showed Tez what I normally have Janet do and since she was all warmed up she performed rather well. Tez was happy with her kicking abilities (as a starting point) and was also impressed with her standing exercises. One new approach he showed us was to use a block so Janet’s right foot is on it with her left foot on the pool floor. This forces her to use her right leg to stand up. I felt the difference immediately. On a whim Tez asked how Janet’s walking in the water was. I hadn’t even thought to try before so took her over to the parallel bars to see what she could do. Janet actually was able to take a step but she seemed really awkward using the bars so I brought her out into the middle of the pool, stood in front of her and held her left hand and boom, she took multiple “steps”. It was very exciting and she had a huge smile on her face. I could still see doubt in her eyes but also some determination and focus. She was really thinking the moves through and managed to “walk” half the length of the pool. Huge high five! These are not her first “steps” as she did “walk” with Moira using the ceiling lift in Rehab but this is the most she’s “walked” on her own. All I did was balance her.

The back to back sessions in the pool were great and I kind of wish we had an hour each time as the thirty minutes just go by too fast. Janet worked up a good appetite for lunch at home and also was very tired afterwards and had a good long nap this afternoon. We got back to Connect in time for dinner which Janet ate heartily as well then went to the gym with Bob for some leg stretching. Bob said she did well especially with the exercises she’s to do on her own. Janet asked to watch TV when she got back and we caught the last forty five minutes of Willy Wonka which Janet enjoyed but she laughed out loud a number of times during the movie Big which came on after that. I didn’t let her stay up too late but it was ten o’clock by the time I turned her lights out and she wasn’t all that tired.

As impressed as I am with Janet in the pool I am a little concerned about her lack of power in standing to transfer from her wheelchair to the toilet or couch. She seems to have forgotten how to do it. Sometimes she can get some decent lift from her legs and other times there’s nothing there at all. She is getting upset by it now too so I’ll ask Dr. McCann about it tomorrow in hopes he has an answer. All in all it was an exciting day with Janet and she was feeling pretty happy as we said goodnight. Praying for lots of rest tonight and a productive day tomorrow.


  1. Such exciting steps, Mom!! Your hard work in the gym is paying off. Good luck with Botox today! It’ll be over before you know it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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