Cheap Date. Home for the weekend. #TSJ

Knowing I have the whole weekend with Janet I took my time going out to Connect today, making sure the house was in order before bringing Janet into it. I tried again to time my arrival with the last part of her nap time but like before, she was waiting in the living room with a “I didn’t think you were coming today because it’s so late”. I laughed with her then she told me she was having a good day so far but was unsure of what to do the rest of the day. My suggestion of a short nap was rejected immediately. Lorne reported that Janet had a good morning that included a workout with Karl in the gym. He said he was impressed with her Shuttle session. Hearing that good report I ran a couple of scenarios past Janet as to what we could do before going home and after a lengthy discussion she chose to have a little rest, then pizza dinner, then a little leg stretch in the gym, then home.

The little rest turned into over an hour and a half sleep leading right into the pizza dinner which Janet dove into the second it was placed in front of her. When she was done I took her for the usual bio break and noticed that she wasn’t standing very well during the transfer. She acknowledged it too and couldn’t say why. I tried a few more afterwards with her and felt she was lacking some energy so I called off the gym, packed her up and took her home.

Being home a little earlier than planned gave us time to watch a movie. I wasn’t confident Janet would last through it but she insisted she would. After finishing her first piece of pizza at dinner she took a rather long pause. I asked her if she was going to keep eating and she said “how can I when I have no more?”. There were two other pieces on her plate, both way over on the right and when I turned her head she laughed and started eating one of them. With that in mind I wanted to do a little vision test before we watched the movie. I asked her to read what she saw on the TV screen. It was a still frame of the order screen for the movie we selected. She read the upper left portion no problem but said she couldn’t see the right side of the screen. I went up with my hand and she saw that fine after I made her physically turn her head. Prior to that cue she was still looking off to the left even though I was saying look right. Satisfied that she could see the whole screen I started the movie. We watched Life of Pi and Janet made it through easily, enjoying parts of it, finding some of it “upsetting” and overall feeling happy that she watched it. There were times when I could sense she was emotionally into it, a first I think. I repeatedly asked her during the movie if she wanted to have a snack and or a pop, a family tradition, but each time she declined. Cheap date but not quite as much fun.

There was no argument about going to bed after the movie and I’m praying for a restful night that gives Janet lots of energy and strength for tomorrow. I’m not sure what she’ll need the energy and strength for as we have absolutely nothing planned and when Janet heard that she smiled big and said “good”.

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