Lack of Sun Day. Restless night gets the better of Janet. #TSJ

After a great day yesterday today was a downer right from the start. Janet went to sleep last night just before ten, happy with the day’s events and accomplishments. When I went to bed right around midnight, she was awake and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 2am and we have no idea why. She was giggly but in a way that suggested frustration, she was tired but unable to settle down for more than a few minutes at a time. Once, she was so determined to get up that she actually got herself about eighty percent sitting up in the middle of the bed. She was quite proud of herself but I convinced her to lay back down. She finally did fall asleep after I racked my brain to see if we had done anything out of the ordinary to trigger this restlessness. I can’t think of a thing.

Wanting to let her sleep but also wanting to go to church today I got up and started getting ready as best I could without waking Janet. She woke up around 9:30 and seemed ready for the day. Breakfast went well and out the door we went. Janet was dialed in during the service and I thought we’d have a pretty good day. Then we got home and the slide began. It was an ugly day here, cool, cloudy, rainy. These days never had a good affect on either of us and with both of us being tired the effect is greater. Lunch was delayed as I helped a gentleman get our bike rack that his sister bought from us into his car then even after choosing to have bacon and eggs Janet decided she doesn’t like eggs. She helped make herself a half a quesadilla and ate most of that but was losing energy fast. It was three o’clock by this time so down she went for a nap that I had to wake her from at 5:45 or things would just be going too late tonight. They did anyways.

Janet never had much energy today and her speech was poor for most of it. She did help with dinner and ate all she was given. There just wasn’t a lot coming back from her as I tried to talk to her or get her to do things. She did play ball with the dog so that was a good diversion for fifteen minutes. I struggled all day to get water into her and that may have played a role in all this. Her transfers were fine for the most part but not as strong as yesterday. We watched The Voice together this evening and she enjoyed that and reacted well to some of the contestants and laughed at the coaches when appropriate. Janet did share with me a frustration at not being able to remember things from earlier in the day. I asked her what we were doing after she finished her glass of water and she said “going to church”. When I told her we went this morning she got upset that she couldn’t remember that. I recapped the last two days with her and it seemed like she remembered some events from Saturday but nothing much from Sunday at all.

By the time I kissed her goodnight tonight it was after eleven, mostly because she was enjoying The Voice so we watch both episodes I had recorded then after all the routine nighttime stuff Janet complained and got quite upset that her throat was sore. She couldn’t tell me exactly what was going on but my feeling is she’s getting a cold. I tried water, no improvement, then a little honey, no improvement but enough of a reaction to calm down and go to sleep. She is snoring loudly now as I write this and hopefully stays that way till we have to get up to get ready for swimming.

Praying for healing and rest tonight and lots of energy to fully participate in tomorrow’s activities.

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