I Hate Dilantin. Rough day for Janet. #TSJ

I thought yesterday started early, today started at 5:45. Janet woke up in pain making small child birthing type noises. I thought maybe she was constipated so after she told me that’s where she hurt I focused on treating for that. No luck, not that there’s much I can do here for her but at least she was comfortable sitting on the toilet as opposed to laying down in bed. We made trips back and forth and by eight o’clock with Janet propped up to a sitting position on the bed she fell back asleep. I debated taking her to the hospital wondering if it was something other than constipation but each time I almost made that choice she would seem much better and I would stick to the needing to go but can’t go scenario. Her last real movement was Wednesday night and a little Thursday, questionable for most of us but pretty typical for her. I called Connect and spoke to Jess. She offered a suppository if I brought Janet back there and said it was my call whether we went to KGH or not. I didn’t want to go there if all Janet was suffering from was constipation as we could fix that at Connect.

Janet woke up a little after ten and in discomfort but not as severe as earlier. We tried the toilet again with no luck. I called Jess again and said we were on our way. While finishing getting Janet dressed I noticed she was acting very much like she was during the Dilantin overdose. Not speaking well, low energy, just seeming really out of it. As long as she was sitting up she said there was no pain and that made me wonder more about the constipation theory so I decided to head for KGH where we could at least see a doctor. On the way I remembered a walk in clinic close by that Janet had been to before so we went there thinking it would be faster. It was but unfortunately the doctor was unable to confirm any condition that Janet may have as he doesn’t have enough history on her and she is unable to communicate her symptoms. He ruled out another bleed or “anything weird like that” and suggested trying the suppository first to see if that reduces the symptoms. He also hinted at bladder infection and suggested getting a urine sample to the lab tomorrow.

Janet was very sleepy while waiting for the doctor then snapped to life when he came in. She hung in there well for the first half of the ride to Connect then got uncomfortable and cried a little. By the time we got there she was fine and I was able to lay her on her bed so Jess could give her the suppository. She slept for over an hour after that but did not produce the desired result. She did however seem to be feeling much better. She almost angrily agreed to go get something to eat and devoured a sandwich and bowl of soup that Bob made her. A really good sign. She was quite bright for about two hours after waking, talking a little and drinking a cup of water as I nagged her along. By 6:30 she was ready for bed and I noticed more signs of a Dilantin overdose. Confusion, brushing her hair with her toothbrush as an example, and poor speech along with a rapid decent into sleep. The good news is she was able to go to sleep on her back, something she hadn’t been able to do all day.

As I look back on the day I am pretty confident that Janet’s Dilantin levels are out of whack still and the cause of her problems today, possibly enhanced by low water intake or a bladder infection or maybe a little cold. She is technically constipated but she pretty much always is and has never displayed symptoms like this before. Her BP and HR and temp have been fine all day so I’m not worried about anything major and the staff at Connect are checking on her hourly all night tonight. We “refused” the dose of Dilantin scheduled for tonight and if her doctor doesn’t like that, too bad. I expect an interesting conversation with her tomorrow.

Janet seemed the most comfortable she’d been all day when I left her tonight even giving me a nice smile as I kissed her goodnight. I pray for a night of deep rest and healing with lots of energy and answers tomorrow.

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