Road Trip, The Return. #TSJ

I wish I could sleep as well as Janet has these last couple of nights. She never made a sound that I heard last night and when the clock said 8:30 this morning she was still snoring. That’s completely understandable as our bodies knew it was really only 7:30 but we needed to get the day going.

Once again Janet responded very well to the wake up call and we were eating breakfast around 9:15. Despite the good start we were still a little late to meet my mom at Horseshoe Bay. We had hoped to walk the seawall at Ambleside prior to lunch but of course the nice weather from yesterday was gone and replaced with the usual cold, damp, gray crap that Janet and I moved away from. That meant a tour of Park Royal Shopping Centre which surprisingly hasn’t changed much in the six years we’ve been away. Janet seemed to remember parts of it and I think the stroll around while it wasn’t busy was good for her.

I had made a reservation for lunch at Anatoli’s Souvlaki knowing how busy the Lower Lonsdale area can be but when we showed up at noon it was just us. Janet was trying really hard to say something about what she wanted to order but I couldn’t understand her at all so she ended up getting quite frustrated, to the point of crying. Mom and I eventually helped her decide what to order but there’s been too much of this really quiet talking and not using real words since the Dilantin OD. Today was not about Klingon it was just really low volume with the key words being scrambled. She ended up really enjoying her meal but not talking at all. Mom enjoyed her birthday lunch and shared some pictures of her trip to Hawaii with us. Makes you want to go. The weather was OK enough for a walk around Lonsdale Quay and the “new” pier area at the old shipyard site. I like what they’ve done there and it would be nice to see it in some warm sunny weather.


After dropping mom off at the ferry we made a pit stop in West Van. then started our drive home. Janet slept off and on for a bit then all the way from Chiliwack to Merritt. She said she wasn’t hungry and was comfortable so we carried on to West Kelowna before stopping for dinner which included a DQ Blizzard for dessert. I think Janet learned her lesson after turning down that milkshake yesterday.

We arrived at Connect at pretty much Janet’s normal bedtime after a fairly bright last leg of the trip. Overall Janet was very quiet this weekend. She took a lot in as we were busy either driving, visiting or getting ready to do one of those things. She ate well and today drank fairly well as we stuck with using a straw. The pop at dinner went down faster than anything else all weekend. I still feel like she’s on too much Dilantin because of her quietness and overall lack of energy. I’ll give it a few more days and see if she changes at all.

Thanking Jesus for letting us live in the sunny Okanagan and praying for a night of rest and healing that prepares Janet for a productive day tomorrow.

One comment

  1. “fuzzy” fluids are easier to swallow when the whole swallowing process is challenged. That could explain the pop and even wine going down well.

    Having dinner with you both on Saturday evening was a real treat. We all ate to much including the mango ice cream.

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