OD? Janet does not have a cold. #TSJ

I called Connect fist thing this morning and Janet was in the shower. Good sign. Jess called me after the shower to say Janet was awake when she peeked in her room around eight and agreed to have a shower. Another good sign. While Jess was talking to me Janet was eating a piece of toast. Good sign number three and enough for me to think Janet was certainly no worse than yesterday. Jess said nothing unusual was reported from overnight and Janet seemed fine.

An hour or so later I called nurse Jen for her take and she said she didn’t notice any big change in Janet and acknowledged that I see way more of her so would notice things better. All was well as far as she is concerned. We talked a little about my concern with the Dilantin levels and she suggested I bump up Janet’s doctor appointment to as soon as possible. We agreed to discuss things in more detail when I got in this afternoon.

Janet was in bed when I arrived, having been there for a couple of hours. She was awake and greeted me with a little smile. There was good color to her face and her eyes were nice and sparkly. Her speech was decent and she agreed to get up and have some lunch. Jess told me Janet refused lunch from her and hadn’t felt like doing any of her usual activities. She wheeled down to the kitchen and chose to have some roasted red pepper soup which she ate with only a little help from me at the end. Jen came down to chat just as Janet was finishing and we went back to Janet’s room so we would have a better chance of hearing Janet. Her speech remained decent to my disappointment as I wanted Jen to hear the Klingon. She had done a little research into Dilantin as I had and we agreed there are some signs of Janet’s levels being too high or the presence of some side effects. I will take Janet to the lab tomorrow to test those levels and then discuss them with the GP Wednesday morning. Jen assured me she sees nothing to be overly concerned about and said Janet for sure does not have a cold. She cautioned that sometimes side effects appear at the outset of using a drug and then they diminish as your body adjusts. Solid point. I’ve been there.

Still with some energy Janet wanted to watch some TV. Luckily there was a repeat of a pretty good NCAA basketball game on and we enjoyed watching that with Fred and Karl. We especially enjoyed teasing Clint who would come in and try to diss the game of basketball and promote his favorite game of hockey. He stood no chance. Some of the jabs thrown brought a smile to Janet’s face. Another good sign.

Dinner was chili and Caesar salad and Janet did a great job eating everything dished to her. I was impressed with how long she was staying awake for and never saw any signs of fading until half an hour after dinner. She helped wash some dishes, rejected the offer of a tootsie roll for dessert and started her rapid decent to sleep. After brushing her teeth and getting her PJs on she was asleep before I could cover her up. Seriously. She was so soundly asleep that she never flinched as I got my jacket out of the wardrobe, which is very noisy, said a prayer and kissed her goodnight. Didn’t move a muscle except those needed to breath.

A definite improvement over yesterday but I am ever more convinced that her Dilantin levels are too high or it just isn’t the right drug for her. Praying that the sleep she was in when I left continues through the night and she is ready for a productive day tomorrow. Thanking Jesus for the accomplishments of today and the people that are caring for Janet.

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