The Best Laid Plans. Avalanche! #TSJ

Today started out great and ended great, it just wasn’t that great in the middle.

I arrived at Connect just before ten after dropping Nash off at the kennel and Janet was pretty much ready to go. Our plan was to drive to Calgary to surprise Cam for his final college basketball game of his career tomorrow and things started off just fine. The weather was decent in Kelowna and was forecast to be quite mild in Calgary as well. I was a little nervous taking Janet on such a long drive but knew there were plenty of places to stop along the way if needed and we were in no hurry. She happily sang along to a few songs for the first while then near Armstrong she was nodding off now and then. It’s really hard to talk to Janet in the car as she has yet to get her volume level up where it needs to be so I felt a little awkward driving in mostly silence but she seemed content.

Every time we came near a gas station I asked her if she needed a bathroom break and she said no every time. We made it to Revelstoke and our planned lunch break by 12:30 despite some slow traffic and a delay for avalanche control. Speaking of avalanches the potential for such was extreme today in many parts of BC and that caused the powers that be to close the highway between Revelstoke and Golden ten minutes before we got there. So instead of a four hour drive from there to Calgary we faced a twelve hour one through the Kootenays or wait for the highway to open. The ETO was for eight or ten tonight and as I write this they are estimating eastbound traffic to start moving at 10:30. That would have gotten us in at around 3:30 local time which is likely the same as if we’d have driven through Nelson etc.

I was not interested in subjecting Janet to that amount of time in the car and with no hotel rooms available in Revelstoke we made the call to head for home. By the time we got there we should have been in Calgary and I got a really good look at Janet’s tolerance level for car travel. Next trip to Calgary will be by plane. Janet was uncomfortable on the way back and found it hard to sleep. She would have made it to Calgary but it would not have been pleasant. I think she’d be fine with the four hours to Vancouver but seven is too much. Good to know.

Nash was extremely happy we decided to go home and Barb made our decision seem right when she had Gary bring over two warm pieces of fresh baked apple pie soon after we got home. Mmmmm.

Janet was pretty out of it tonight but ate a good dinner and was happy to get to bed. I’m praying for a good nights sleep that recharges her for a fun day tomorrow.

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