Charlie #TSJ

After last night’s confusion Janet was clear on who I was this afternoon but wondered why I was there. She thought we were going out for “dinner”, meaning lunch. She actually refused to have lunch today, telling the staff she was going out. I reminded her its tomorrow we’re doing that and she seemed to remember then. Jess reported that Janet also refused a shower this morning. I told Jess not to give in to Janet on that one. It’s nice to ask but she needs to be showered regularly and if Monday, Thursday is the deal then that’s what it is. Jess agreed and will shower Janet tomorrow regardless of Janet’s willingness level. Janet did have a good stretch in the gym this morning and seemed at least willing to consider a return trip this afternoon for some strength training.

Thanks to an error at the lab last week, Janet had to go back for another blood test today. Her doctor’s office called to say the lab had done the wrong test. So that meant Janet got to go out for lunch after all. I drove her to the lab and asked them what went wrong. They confirmed that the test performed last week was for a drug with a slightly different spelling than Janet’s as it was incorrectly entered in the computer. Great. We stopped at Tim Horton’s to grab a sandwich for Janet which she devoured back at Connect. We had a good little Skype chat with Andrew after that. Janet had some difficulty putting sentences together but her volume level was decent. Bob took her to the gym for a little Shuttle work, Janet was reluctant to go but did so I hope believing its good for her.

It’s been a while since I did any formal “school work” with Janet but managed to get her doing some matching and reading on the iPad after the gym. I think she got into it because she could tap her way through some of it instead of just staring at pictures or cards on a table. She did amazingly well I thought. Big improvement. She didn’t think it was a big deal but was happy enough to try some reading next. I was very impressed with her ability to follow a sentence and get most of the words. The last time I had her read to me she was clearly going three or four words in then jumping down to the next line. Today she was going the entire seven or eight words then getting the first word of the next line but not the whole line. She sometimes would make up words she thought should follow the word she just read but would correct herself when I called her on it. Janet still didn’t think it was a big deal but I made sure to heap praise on her. High five!

While staff member Carl cooked dinner, Janet set the table for everyone. I had to coach her along a little and she gave a solid effort, clearly liking being able to contribute. The highlight of the day came when Carl brought in his seven week old dachshund puppy, Charlie.

20130218-220735.jpg So cute and so tiny. Janet loved him and I actually did too. He slept in my arm during dinner.

Janet elected to watch a little tv before bed and faded rapidly. Her former peg site is healing really well and not bothering her at all. She had a good toileting day and a pretty successful day over all. Praying for rest and healing tonight and a productive day tomorrow.

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