Butterflies #TSJ

Janet was waiting for me in the living room having just watched a soccer game on TV. She said it was a good game but couldn’t tell me who played. Lorne gave me the run down of her day so far and it was good. Janet had a good workout in the gym this morning with Lorne and Jess including some kneeling which she said hurt a little but was good. Mary Lou visited Janet for some Speech and was impressed with Janet’s increased vocal volume. Mary Lou has a program on her lap top that allows her to record the decibel level of Janet’s voice so she got a good baseline today and can now monitor Janet’s progress more accurately.

Today was the day for a little blood work to be done to ensure the levels of Dilatin are where they should be so I loaded Janet into the car and drove down to the lab. Prior to being stabbed Janet started to cry but stopped when she realized it was over, which was like ten seconds later. She thought she was having her peg tube removed then. She is quite nervous about that which should make for an interesting morning tomorrow. I offered her a stop at Starbucks on the way back to Connect but she declined. Turned down the pub too. She did accept an invite for a rest period and had a good one for over an hour.

Janet awoke refreshed and ready to help prepare dinner. Garrett had everyone helping to make chicken fajitas and Janet’s job was chopping onions. A regular knife proved too hard for her but she did well with a rocker knife and only needed some light guidance from me. Everyone got to build their own fajita once everything was ready and Janet loved that part almost as much as she enjoyed eating it. Garrett mentioned that he will discuss the dinner program at tomorrow’s coaches meeting. I think he’s got a good thing going here. We found out it was Garrett’s birthday today so after dinner I had Janet deliver him a happy face lollipop and that earned her a nice thank you hug.

In the spirit of Valentines Day I changed up Janet’s nail polish to a nice bright red. Not sure what she thinks of all this but she humors me anyways.


Suzanne dropped by just as I was finishing Janet’s nails and stayed for a nice visit. I was impressed by some of Janet’s responses to Suzanne’s questions especially on Heather’s wedding plans, what each kid is doing now and who is visiting next. She remembered that Mike has threatened to visit this month but forgot he’s her brother and thought he was the “third youngest”. Youngest what we never did figure out. Still good signs of more short term memory coming back.

Janet did well at getting ready for bed and was tired but also worked up a little about the peg tube removal tomorrow. I asked Bob to check on her a couple times before he leaves at eleven just to make sure she is settled. Praying for a fun and productive day tomorrow.

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