Stupendous Sunday #TSJ

Sensing she was hungry, Janet woke up at 7:30 this morning and asked for pancakes for breakfast. After the getting up routine was complete I found my recipe and Heather made us some nice fluffy pancakes which Janet devoured with a compliment of chocolate chips scattered on them. Because she was up so early she had plenty of time to enjoy her breakfast and coffee this sunny Sunday morning.

We left for church in plenty of time and sat across the aisle from a former KGH Rehab patient who is now living at his home and waiting to go back as an outpatient. Nice to see him and the progress he’s made.

I had arranged with our realtor to look at three houses this afternoon so we could see if they fit our needs at all and the first appointment was for one o’clock which meant lunch on the run. A couple slices of pizza and a can of pop from the church and off we went. The first place was a total no go which gave us plenty of time to picnic in the car with the sunroof open as we drove to the next place. That one was better but not by much. Third time lucky maybe? Not quite, but there is potential for this type of place. It was in a gated community designed for adults only, 45+. Janet and I have never liked the idea of age restricted complexes but the style of homes there may be what we have to go for. They are built with some accessibility issues in mind and the one we saw would work fine with just some minor improvements. We didn’t like its location or the fact it has a basement as we would never use that. Other than that, in the right location and for the right price I think we would have to seriously consider that type of home but for now the search continues. We invited our realtor to have a look at our house so he can give us an idea of what it might sell for and after touring him around for a bit we decided to enjoy more sunshine and go for a little walk around the neighborhood. This was the first day we’ve been able to do this since early November with Janet and it felt good to be out getting some natural vitamin D. Janet had been going hard since 7:30 and was clearly fading after our walk so Heather and I managed to convince her to have a rest after our walk. She was sleeping three minutes after hitting the pillow and knowing the Grammys were about to start woke up forty five minutes later. I had just snuck out of the room to start dinner five minutes prior and when I went back and found her awake she was actually a little mad that I wasn’t there when she woke up.

The Grammys show is pretty good entertainment for Janet. There were no sing along songs but enough good music to hold her attention and enough of a fashion show in between songs to keep her interested as well. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing evening that ended too early for Heather and I but a little too late for Janet. It was approaching ten o’clock by the time I turned her lights off at Connect and she was very tired.

Today was a good day for Janet. She ate well, talked well, enjoyed some sunshine and was busy all day long but always at a nice pace. Heather’s visit was way too short but I’m glad she got to hang out with her mom to see first hand how much she’s improved. Janet enjoyed talking wedding with Heather and looks forward to going dress shopping during her next visit.

Praying for a restful night that brings lots more healing and an active day of learning tomorrow.

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