Satisfying Saturday #TSJ

There is nothing better than watching Janet wake up in the morning, or the middle of the night, and see her big smile and sparkly eyes looking at me. She woke up once last night, shot me the smile, then didn’t wake up until after nine this morning, still with a smile. The morning routine went well and we were able to greet Heather by 9:30. Janet communicated well all morning as she and Heather talked wedding plans in between mouthfuls of breakfast. Janet’s answers to questions are more often correct now and I find she is asking more questions now too. Another sign of her short term memory improving came when Heather asked her what she thought of Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl. Janet very thoughtfully explained she liked the show but thought Beyonce could have focused more on singing as opposed to dancing. Her answer really impressed me.

We didn’t have a lot planned for today so in order to help me de clutter the house, Heather and Janet did some purging of Heather’s old room. Not that a move is imminent but it was nice to take advantage of some quiet time to sort through stuff I wouldn’t have a clue of what to do with. Courtney even stopped by, with a swollen face from having her wisdom teeth out, to grab some of her stuff I found this morning. Amazing what can hide in a house.

After watching a little tv and arguing that she didn’t need a rest, Janet slept for half an hour before Skypeing Leslie. That conversation went well, not as good as the last two Skype calls, but it wasn’t Leslie’s birthday so I guess the extra effort wasn’t there.

Janet and I had agreed to take Heather out for dinner tonight a couple days ago and made a reservation at one of our favorite little places, The Fixx Cafe. Unfortunately they are a favorite of a lot of other people and could only take us at five. Janet does need to eat early but it felt really strange going somewhere nice that early. Stranger yet was Heather grabbing the cheque afterwards. Kids these days! The food was fabulous and it was fun having Janet there again even if she didn’t remember it. To add to the enjoyment and since we haven’t broken any rules for a while, I figured it was time to rebel a little. You can’t eat good food like that with just water so I ordered a glass of Pinot Noir. Janet’s eyes lit up as our server poured it and a few minutes later I grabbed the glass and moved it to the other side of my plate in anticipation of offering Janet a sip. She was already waiting, fork down, smile on her face. I hadn’t even said anything. Needless to say she enjoyed the three sips and one gulp I allowed her over the duration of the meal and I feel blessed that she has reached a point where she can truly enjoy something like that. I realize there may be some potential for harm but I don’t think so from that little bit and I know when I ask her about it tomorrow I’ll get a huge smile from her. Worth it.

Since Janet enjoyed watching Zoolander last night we decided to try a movie again tonight. A number of people had recommended The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel as a good Janet movie so on it went. Heather and I both enjoyed it and Janet did too but struggled with staying awake. She was very full from dinner, so much so she turned down ice cream, and maybe had a hard time keeping up with the dialogue. It was still fun and she made it through and has been snoring beside me for the last forty five minutes.

It was a satisfying day in many ways. Janet continues to impress with her communication skills and overall awareness level and we got to go out with Heather for some very tasty food. Praying for a restful and healing night and a great day tomorrow.

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