Fabulous Friday #TSJ

Janet was surprised to see me this afternoon, she didn’t realize it was almost three o’clock. She’d had a busy day so far and had just started chilling in the living room. Lorne said he had taken her to the gym after breakfast and did a good stretching routine with her. He also got her on the Shuttle and Janet did really well including ten reps with four bands of tension. I made sure to remind her that’s proof she’s getting stronger. Janet had a speech session with Mary Lou’s practicum student then asked to go to the bathroom. Success and progress!

She thought “it would be a good idea” to go to the bathroom before we left for home and it was. She’s really catching on to this. After a sing along drive, our weekend at home started with the usual play time with Nash then we started making our pizzas for dinner. Janet did a great job decorating hers, I only had to push a few things back from the edge and it was good to go. In a very un Janet like move she chose chips over fresh vegetables to accompany the pizzas. Yes! And in another rare move she ate one and a quarter pizzas! We had made an extra one in case Heather is starving when she gets in late tonight and Janet surprised me by asking for more after finishing hers. We are still trying to gain a little weight so it’s all good.

I figured it was time to see if Janet can handle watching an entire movie so I gave her a choice of four familiar titles and she chose the always hilarious Zoolander. We started it during dinner and with one bio break part way though Janet watched the whole thing. There were no out loud laughs but lots of smiles and giggles. She really enjoyed it.

It’s awesome to have her home and she is quite happy to be here and looking forward to seeing Heather in the morning. Her conversation skills continue to get stronger as does her ability to do things herself around the house. Praying for a restful night and a fun day tomorrow.

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