Marvelous Monday #TSJ

A very alert and smiley Janet greeted me this afternoon as she watched TV in the living room with Curtis, Clint and Humberto. She was able to accurately tell me a few things about her day so far and Curtis said they had a strong workout in the gym this morning. He did some arm work with Janet then Tez joined in for an hour long session working Janet’s legs. They were able to get her onto her tummy which allowed for some great hamstring stretches. Curtis thought Janet was much more limber than previous and seemed pleased with how things are progressing. I took Janet up to get weighed and can report another gain although this one is a little too large to be believed so I’ll check her again in a couple days.

In the first hour I was with Janet she twice asked to go to the bathroom and was successful each time and right after the second one she suggested she have a rest. I asked her if she wanted to lay down on the bed for a while and she said no. I asked her what she meant by rest then and she said “rest under your chin”. I figured she meant I was to lay down with her and when I suggested that she agreed and slept for an hour and a half! I guess she really did have a busy first half of the day.

Her nap took us right to dinner time which was a nice piece of chicken with mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy prepared by Crystal. Janet ate it so fast I thought she would want more but she was full. I tried to get her to drink more of her water but got the most defiant response yet and it took me twenty minutes of convincing including switching to my plastic water bottle to get her to drink. Then we went off to Skype Andrew. Ever since waking from her nap Janet just couldn’t get her loud voice going until we connected with Andrew. She wasn’t always making sense but she was pretty loud. Crystal was going to give Janet a shower so in trying to be efficient I asked Janet to brush her teeth while we waited. Again, huge defiance, so much so that I had to tell her she wasn’t being very nice. Not sure what brought that on especially after such a good afternoon nap. Could be just a heightened sense of awareness as she was pretty intent on doing things herself and not wanting to be “lead”. She always did like being the leader.

The shower tired Janet out nicely and she was tucked in at her normal ish time and looking ready for a good sleep. Praying for a healing night’s rest and an informative session with the eye doctor tomorrow.

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