Wedding Day #TSJ

A beautiful and busy day today. It all started earlier than anticipated as Janet woke up around 7:30. Thankfully she wasn’t in a hurry to get up so we were able to linger in bed for a bit before starting the day. After breakfast we got a quick Skype call in to Heather then Courtney dropped by for a visit. It was nice to get caught up with her a little bit and she cut and painted Janet’s nails in preparation for the wedding. Getting Janet dressed for the wedding was harder and took longer than anticipated but we made it right on time and naturally the bride was late so all was well anyways.

The more Janet and I go out around Kelowna the more a whole new world is opening up to me and I must say I’m not impressed. Prior to Janet being sick I was always aware of accessibility issues and certainly noticed ramps and special doors wherever we went but never looked closely enough to see how effective or well maintained those features were. Last night at the little Italian bistro in Lake Country I had to carry Janet up some stairs to get into the place as their wheelchair ramp was partially blocked by snow and only goes to a part of the restaurant we were not going to. The church where today’s wedding was held has a wheelchair ramp that was locked in different places by two by fours padlocked shut. According to the church it’s because of “skateboarders and idiots”. A gentleman unlocked one of the boards for us so we could get to the front door and with help from friends I carried Janet up the seven steps INSIDE the church so we could get to our seats. On the flip side, because of the wheelchair we were able to sit in a spot that afforded us a great view of the ceremony.

It was a beautiful wedding, very heartfelt and genuine, such a pleasure and an inspiration to witness it. There were some especially meaningful moments that reminded me how deep the commitment of marriage is. Janet and I wish Jon and Lisa a life of ever increasing love.

We had a couple of hours to rest before the reception so after a late lunch I offered Janet the chance to nap and for once she thought that would be a good idea. She had a good thirty minute power nap leaving ample time to get to the reception which was conveniently at a restaurant in our neighborhood. No stairs to negotiate at this place and a nice seat ready and waiting for Janet with lots of help from the staff got the evening off to a nice start.

Janet enjoyed being in the lively atmosphere and despite it being a little challenging to talk had a really good time tonight. She ate well, made friends with a little preschool aged girl seated a table away from us, smiled big and greeted all those that came over to say hi. The food was outstanding and the speeches quite tolerable with Jon starting his off with “this is all new to me”. Classic. Janet’s only meltdown of the day came when she saw wine being served at every table and she said ” I’d really like some wine”. I couldn’t say yes and she cried a little. Thankfully there were lots of distractions and I was able to shift her focus.

Nine o’clock arrived and Janet suggested we get ready to go home. Pretty impressive endurance demonstrated by her today. I fully expected her to crash when we got home but it wasn’t until after eleven that she finally fell asleep after a few more candies from the candy bar at the wedding.

Praying for rest and healing tonight and a relaxing Superbowl Sunday.


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