Don’t Let Anything Stop You #TSJ

When I arrived at Connect this afternoon Janet was cruising around the kitchen area with a family picture in her hand. She had just finished a glass of water and had been working with Garrett on identifying the people in the picture. She did pretty good the first time around but then everyone turned into Andrew and we don’t want that do we? I helped her for a little while and eventually she got everyone back to who they really are and hopefully we can stay that way. Janet was in a good mood and Garrett reported she had a pretty good day although she balked at going to the gym with him this morning and when they finally got there she made a minimal effort and refused to work on the Shuttle. I think she may have been tired from the weekend so we’ll see how she does tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time talking with Janet trying to get her to recount her day so far and what she had done over the weekend. Laurel sent a nice email to read to her and Janet actually started crying as I read it. I also read her the post from Nick Vincent that I shared earlier today and she was moved by his story. When I asked her what she thought the similarities are between his story and hers she responded with “don’t let anything stop you”. I was blown away by that answer as it came totally from her. I didn’t summarize what I had read to her or anything. She took it all in and made a connection. Brilliant!

Taking advantage of that awareness I got Janet down to the gym with the promise of a little leg stretching then a routine on the Shuttle. She was fine until she started on the Shuttle. Four reps in, the tears started. I convinced her to keep going and she made it to thirty three. Then she totally lost it, having the most demonstrative hissy fit yet. After lots of talking she finished her routine with a respectable result but I am getting a little concerned about her attitude. Every chance I got the rest of the night I reinforced how well she is doing and how important it is she keeps working hard. There were moments where she seemed to truly buy in and there were moments where I got the shoulder shrug and a bit of an eye roll. After the second successful standing transfer to the toilet she seemed to gain a little confidence and off to dinner we went.

Spaghetti sounded really boring to her and she was a little upset that that was what she was getting but ended up eating two servings of it very happily. Fluid intake was a little lower than at home mostly because she wasn’t offered anything other than water all day. The dietician is coming in tomorrow and will see Janet and hopefully me first thing so we can discuss food, drink and peg tube. Nurse Jen confirmed that as long as Janet is hydrating well the peg tube can be removed in two weeks. The staff are logging Janet’s fluid intake daily and I’m to keep track when she is away from Connect. So far so good.

The rest of our night was spent talking and reading Slow Dance. In the book they were describing an MRI experience and Janet commented that “I didn’t have anything like that”. Right she is and she seems much more aware that something has happened to her and even a little accepting of it. When I was done reading and told her it was time to get ready for bed she listed off all the things she needed to do to get ready and told me she needed help with all of them. I expected tears to follow but she just stated them matter of factily and we got started. Janet has to get up a little early tomorrow so we can get to the eye doctor so we tried to turn out the lights a little early tonight but that didn’t really happen as she was quite chatty all the way through her bedtime routine.

Praying for a restful night an informative visit to the eye doctor tomorrow and a positive, hard working Janet tomorrow.

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