As I write this I’m sitting beside a sleeping Janet at KGH ER. She suffered two mild seizures this morning. The first was just after eight at Connect as she was getting dressed. It lasted about three minutes and was described as mild. The second one occurred at KGH an hour and half later and lasted just over a minute and was milder. Dr Eppler was the ER doctor who saw her and he played it all down and was quite positive the whole day. Dr. Adams, the neurologist said the CT scan showed only the old damage from last May and said Janet should bounce back from this quite quickly. He put her on Dilatin and she may be on that for life now. He said there will not be long term complications from this and it is quite common for ABI patients to have seizures.

Garret from Connect followed the ambulance to KGH and stayed with us until Dr. Adams said Janet could leave. The staff at KGH have been good as usual. Thanks Kiko for all your help!

Praying for rest and healing.

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