Only the Beginning

Still in holiday mode Janet and I had a very relaxing afternoon. Lunch was a bowl of pasta and cheese that Janet gobbled up after helping to set the table. When she is eating food she likes I no longer need to prompt her to eat like I did before, now I have to tell her to slow down.

The only way I could convince her to have some rest time was to offer her the chance at laying on the sofa bed downstairs to watch some of the Rose Bowl. With the fire on it was nice and cozy and she at least got an hours quiet time even though she never closed her eyes and was quite chatty the whole time. We Skyped Mary/Gaga and had a brief but loud chat with her and got to see David and his family who are visiting and attempting to do some skiing. A bonus opportunity for a rest arose when Janet agreed to a little stretching action. No change in the spasticity but Janet did have another hour of quiet time and it seemed to give her a nice burst of energy for the rest of the day. It also gave her an appetite as she totally cleaned her dinner plate of chicken strips, fries and baby carrots followed by ice cream. She was heavier for sure as I carried her to the car to go back to Connect.

Once in bed we finished off Anne 2 and agreed it was a good book with an abrupt end. Clearly a set up for the next one. I said goodnight with the promise of seeing her after breakfast and plans to spend the day at Connect tomorrow. I’m hoping the coaches (therapists) are around tomorrow and we can start developing Janet’s program. Praying for a restful night and a day of learning tomorrow.

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