Just Like Old Times

In anticipation of 2013 I gave Janet a manicure and painted her nails a sparkly silver. After applying two coats of polish she asked me when was I doing the next one. I told her I was finished and she actually seemed disappointed, not in the quality of the paint job or the color but in the fact I was done pampering her. We attempted a game of Scrabble but her concentration level was pretty low so we sat by the fire for a bit so Janet could warm up before helping me make dinner. She is complaining more often about being cold and its nice to hear as that is the Janet we all know.

The dinner we planned was a variation on what has become our traditional New Years Eve dinner. A warm scallop salad, this year without the salad. I’ve been allowing Janet a lot of illegal food lately but I’ve drawn the line at lettuce so our scallops were served over a mix of brown and wild rice. Very yummy and Janet agreed by eating every morsel and finished it off with some ice cream. Really cool to see her eating something she really enjoys.

Janet was fading steadily after dinner but didn’t want to leave yet so we watched a little tv before heading back to Connect. Janet was tucked in for the year by nine, quite tired and not at all missing out on any festivities.

In a lot of ways I could look at 2012 as a negative year. I honestly don’t feel that way though. Janet and I have been blessed by an outpouring of love from our family and friends and community. I love Janet more than ever and look forward to each day as a new beginning. With Jesus leading the way 2013 promises to be a very exciting year. I pray that it is for all of you as well.

One comment

  1. Happy happy new year to you and Janet!!! Your positive outlook and optimism of life is something for us all to follow. So thankful to know you guys and looking forward to an awesome 2013. xoxoxo

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