Happy New Year!

Another early start for me as I took Cam to the airport this morning for his flight back to Calgary. This could be the official start of Janet and I being Empty Nesters as Cam plans on staying in Calgary once school is done. We wish him well.

Janet was hanging out in her room listening to music when I arrived at Connect. Breakfast and meds were done and Lorne told me she declined a trip to the toilet. Right after our Happy New Year greeting she told me she had been trying to get to the bathroom but couldn’t. She had the call pendant around her neck so I had her push it and wait for Lorne to come so she could see how it worked. He was in her room within two minutes of her activating the pendant and I think she could do it on her own now.

We headed home for the day and had a decision made for us shortly after our arrival. I got Janet inside and into her wheelchair and pushed her into the family room a little before going back out to the car to retrieve the Christmas stuff we brought home. As I was starting back up the stairs Janet’s rear wheel started coming down them. If I wasn’t there she likely would have tipped all the way down. A scary moment that can perhaps be avoided in the future by having the baby gate at the top of the stairs like it is now but I’m not sure that’s the best solution nor do I want to live that way when Janet comes home. I think we’ll start house hunting soon.

Our time at home so far has been spent playing with Nash, talking and preparing this video.

I thought of posting a clean and polished New Year’s greeting but decided to leave it raw like this as its more fun and you all can see where Janet is really at. Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Fantastic! If I was as smart as you 2 Tim and I could make a video to send back! Ha. Unfortunately,it would have taken WAY too many takes! Way to go Janet! 19. 20. WHATEVER! We were all just paying attention to your LOUD VOICE anyway!
    Happy New Year Janet and Larry! Keep up the incredible progress! XO

  2. Loved it, loved it, loved your video clip! šŸ™‚ Thank-you!! Anticipating great things in store for you both in 2013. xo~B

  3. So great to see the results of both of your hard work – and absolutely wonderful to hear Janet and to see her smile each time she said 19! thanks Larry for all you are doing, and for sharing with all of us.

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