Beginning of the End

On the last day of 2012 Janet was waiting for me in the living room at Connect all bright eyed and smiley. I’m saying she was waiting for me but she was probably just hanging out. She said she had a good breakfast and her meds so “we can do whatever you want”. Garrett told me she refused a suppository this morning and its been a while since she went to the bathroom so I decided to try and talk her into it. An hour and a half later we had some minor success. The team has now made this a priority.

Janet and I went to the gym so I could give her a good stretch and the result was definitely better than last time. After a bowl of some good homemade chicken noodle soup and some fruit lax for lunch and we were off for home. We stopped at Superstore for some New Years nail polish and thankfully Janet didn’t really remember the place. That’s a good thing as I wouldn’t expect her memories to be good.

Looking forward to a relaxing afternoon to close out an anything but relaxing 2012.


  1. Happy New Year Janet and Larry.

    Looking forward to the continued messages and progress. I hope be out for a visit and ski session in Jan or early Feb.

    Love to all and have a great night and even better 2013.

    Love form the Oakville Aiton’s!

    Michael Aiton
    Sales Director – Canada
    Arbor Networks Inc.
    (O) 905 842-7539
    (M) 416 606-1472
    How networks grow™

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