Holiday Mode 6

Today felt like a holiday and I suppose Sundays should. It was a late start for Janet this morning as she was still in the process of getting up when I arrived just after nine. Staff member Sara told me they asked Janet around eight if she was ready to get up and she said she’d rather sleep some more so they let her. Janet told me later that “people were coming into my room all the time” and I guess they were still checking on her every hour overnight. I asked them to stop that and tonight they’ll check every two hours and try to be quiet when doing so.

Breakfast was a bowl of yogurt with the promise of trying a banana tomorrow. It still has to be smushed but maybe it’ll be different enough that Janet will like it. We headed off to church where Janet sang along to most of the worship set and enjoyed the message but still saying in the end that it was a little too long. I’m not convinced she really feels that way as she seemed pretty engaged throughout this service and I can tell when she’s restless. We arrived home after a nice sunny little drive and got our Seahawks jerseys on ready to watch the game. Janet enjoyed a gourmet lunch of wieners and beans. I think anything that isn’t puréed is like gourmet to her. She ate a god sized portion and drank her water obediently.

The afternoon was spent watching the game and it was nice to relax and not be on anyone’s schedule. Janet was quiet but said later that she enjoyed watching football. I got a pretty good stretch on her legs during halftime after a timely request to go to the bathroom.

Dinner was gourmet for her in my mind. Cam and I were having steak fajitas but I’m not ready to let Janet have steak so I made her a lobster stuffed piece of basa. She ate it all plus a serving of sautéed veggies and a few tater tots. That’s the biggest meal she’s had in a while and I think it was a pretty good one nutritionally. Instead of water I allowed her a cup of tea which she happily drank up.

After dinner we had a really nice talk with Janet getting her loud voice going consistently for the first time all day. Back at Connect and lights out at 8:45 a pretty good relaxing day came to an end. Praying for a restful and healing night and thanking Jesus for everyone he has placed into our lives. Looking forward to a day of learning tomorrow.

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  1. Wow…you have been quite the party girl of late Janet! 🙂 Happy New Year to you and yours! Look forward to seeing you in your new space come the new year. xo~Brenda

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