Janet and staff member Kim were all set to play Scrabble when I arrived this morning. I was a little later than usual after taking Heather to the airport then having a little nap before heading out to Connect. I wondered how Janet would be without me around and I was pleased to find her up and dressed, finished breakfast and excited to play with Kim. I teamed up with her for the game and “we” beat Kim, but non competitive Janet didn’t care about the result, she was just happy to have played.

We went to the gym after that so I could give her a good stretch on the mat there instead of her bed which is a little soft for that purpose. We had to wait for the mat so I had Janet lift some weights and we played catch with her basketball. Thirty three passes without dropping it is our record now. Janet seems to be tighter everywhere than she was yesterday but I’m still glad we took the time to use the mat as it allows me to really see how she’s doing. By the time we were done it was lunchtime. Puréed chicken and vegetables, which according to Janet were “yucky”.

At home Janet helped me make spaghetti sauce and is now “resting” despite feeling “the whole thing is ridiculous”. Looking forward to an active evening.

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