Rest Equals Loud Voice

Contrary to what Janet thought going in, the little rest she had this afternoon helped bring her loud voice back. She even acknowledged that fact when I presented it to her. Hopefully she will remember it now. She was happy to explore the house a little while I went out to shovel snow before dinner. Cam joined her in a game of Scrabble. Janet seems to like playing but really has no ability to although she is very good at choosing tiles out of the bag. Amazing how often she will pull exactly the number needed on her first try. She does recognize and read words once they are formed so if nothing else, the game is good for her that way.

The spaghetti sauce she and I made was decent and she ate a large portion for dinner. No surprise considering the lunch failure. We watched a little of The Voice afterwards then headed back to Connect for bedtime.

Today was a solid day with a different pace for Janet. I liked the way Kim got her involved in the morning at Connect and her agreeing to a rest this afternoon proved good for her too. Praying for a restful night and a fun day tomorrow.

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