Lunch was an unimpressive bowl of mushroom soup for Janet today. She managed to eat more than half of it and I rewarded her with some of my chili as she was still hungry after losing interest in the soup. I’m really hoping her swallow X-ray happens soon and she passes because she is almost completely focused on real food now. Garret informed us that Janet has an appointment with her GP January 7th so hopefully she will send the order through to KGH that day. Connie said she would fast track the order once it arrives.

The new wheelchair arrived and was ready for a test drive just after lunch. It’s not hugely different from the current one but is more intelligently engineered with enough small improvements to get my vote. Janet seemed comfortable in it even though it was not the exact one Jessica had requested. We will use this until the right machine arrives then probably purchase it. Seems pretty good so far.

The wheelchair testing and fitting took longer than expected so there was just a short time to meet with Mary Lou. She will focus on getting Janet’s loud voice going consistently first among other things and said she has a special computer that displays imagery when someone is talking loudly. She will use this on Janet next week to help her learn when she is actually using her loud voice. Mary Lou thinks bringing in the Music Therapist is a great idea so we will get to work on that in the new year as well.

All these meetings and such wore Janet out a little and I was actually able to convince her to lay down for an hour at three o’clock. She did get up with a little more energy than before and proceeded to eat all of her dinner of mushed up spaghetti and meat sauce.

Garret met with us after dinner to go through all the annoying paperwork needed by Connect. He had Janet sign some of the documents which she was quite excited to do even though she needed a lot of guidance and probably had no clue what she was signing. Good to get all that stuff done and even Janet was relieved to learn we only have to do it once although I think she’d sign any paper put in front of her right now as she thought that was pretty cool.

By the time Garret was done it was after seven and Janet was fading so I got her ready for bed. She seems accepting and comfortable being at Connect so far and likes all the staff she’s met so far as well. I don’t think there is anything planned for her there tomorrow so I may bring her home for most of the day to hang with Heather. Allan leaves for Ottawa very early in the morning and we pray for a safe flight for him and thank him for his help while here.

Praying for a restful night for Janet and an active day tomorrow.

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