Heather and Janet hung out at home watching silly shows on tv and chatting for a bit before we Skyped Leslie this afternoon. Andrew and Rachel are visiting Leslie and Gavin and Andrew was first on the screen when we made the call. Janet thought he was her brother Mike at first but caught on after a while with a little help. Leslie joined in and this was probably the funniest I’ve heard Janet ever. She was very talkative in her loud voice and had us all laughing repeatedly. She is definitely gaining conversational skills daily. She doesn’t always have the right answers to questions but her level of engagement has risen dramatically over the last few weeks.

I thought it would be good for Janet to help us do a little grocery shopping before we picked up our sushi for dinner so Heather and I took her to Save On with us. Janet used to be there pretty much every day prior to becoming sick and this was the first time back. I asked her when we got in the store if it brought back happy or bad memories. Without hesitation her answer was “bad”. The store was just as cold as it was to her before so she was happy to get out of there.

We couldn’t tell at first what Janet thought of having sushi for dinner as she was eating it just fine but had a bit of a frowny face on. She never did explain to us why and continued to eat sushi and a few baby carrots and some grape tomatoes till she was full. She never used to like Gyoza but said that was her favorite tonight. All this food is against the Connie rules but was handled well by Janet whom I nagged constantly throughout the meal to finish what she had before taking more. She gave me quite a few cheeky looks which I take as a good sign that she at least thinks she knows what she’s doing and tonight she most often did. We finished the meal off with some of Sandrine’s delicious Christmas Log, another illegal food item, that Janet quite enjoyed also.

After drinking half a cup of water on her own it was time for the teary goodbye to Heather as she flys home to Ottawa at a ridiculous time tomorrow morning. Janet was quite upset that we were “leaving so early”. I reminded her she had been away from Connect since eleven and it was now 7:30 and she was surprised by that. When we got back to Connect I sensed that something was bugging her and she told me she was upset. I asked about what and she said “I’m missing Heather and Laurel”. When I explained how much she had seen them over the Christmas break and that they would be coming back soon she was fine. I love the fact she can now tell me something is bothering her and explain what it is too. Big step.

As we were chatting, one of the staff, Susanne, delivered a nice flower arrangement from Nancy and Jim. Combined with the lovely sketch from Barb that I framed and put beside Janet’s bed it was a nice way to close a busy day. Praying for a restful and healing night and a fun day of learning tomorrow.


  1. How do the ‘new years’ flowers look? Telephone ordering was quite humerous…trying for something with a spring feeling when the shops are full of christmas red and white

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