When I arrived at Connect this morning Janet was sitting at the dining table with Fred and Chris waiting for her scrambled eggs. She was quite excited about it and had already had her med laced fruit lax. When Lorne brought her bowl of food Janet was clearly unimpressed as he had pureed the egg with some of her mushroom soup from yesterday. Undeterred, she ate it all up as it actually tasted pretty good. I reminded Lorne that Connie had said scrambled eggs weren’t too far off the diet and she didn’t have a real problem serving those. He didn’t commit to anything but I think we can have the real thing next time.

Bob had done Janet’s laundry late last night so I coached her through putting it all away after breakfast. We did some other domestic type duties before getting a good stretch done for the first time in a couple days. Janet’s right arm is loosening up real nice and I got it into a nice relaxed position beside her while sitting on the edge of the bed. Almost identical to the left arm. Nice. Her legs stretched out nice for me this morning as well and Janet showed some really strong movement from the right leg when getting up from bed. Combine that with the good effort at standing for Brian yesterday and I feel pretty encouraged that Janet can beat this spasticity thing.

After the stretch and a pee break we headed home to hang out with Heather on her last day here. Janet ate a good lunch of chili and Chinese food and finished it off by drinking two syringes of water from a cup. Big step!

Looking forward to a fun sushi dinner this evening.

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