Settling In

Today started off with a shower for Janet. She got a little bit of a sleep in too as she was in the shower when I arrived at nine and had not had breakfast yet. She came back to her room with a smile on her face and ready to go for breakfast. She ate a large serving of fruit lax laced with her meds then tried a little fruit smoothy. That was a no go so Lorne got her a serving of peach yogurt and Janet gobbled that up just fine.

We had time for a little chat and some organizing of her room before Brian the OT came in to start to get to know Janet a little better. He has a student, Rebecca, working with him and Janet likes them both. Janet demonstrated her excellent ability to transfer from wheelchair to bed and vice versa. Brian stressed the goal of making Janet as independent as possible so the staff will be trained in getting her to do as much as possible unlike at KGH where staff didn’t always have time to let her do things at her pace. Brian was impressed by Janet’s abilities and said he saw things this morning that showed her performing better than her chart indicates. That’s the second comment like that since we’ve been here.

I had Janet organize her room a little more before going for lunch.


We are meeting Brian afterward with a new wheelchair to try and then the Speech Therapist, Mary Lou wants to meet with Janet.

One comment

  1. What great posts over Christmas. I’m loving that my friend has had such good days over Christmas. The pictures are awesome. hugs for all!

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