Put To the Test

Janet and I returned to Connect and made our way down to the kitchen for dinner. Connie came in a few minutes later and it was time for the big eating test. Garret and Bob had told her Janet was cheating on her diet and I made no attempt to hide that fact and gave Janet a Melba toast cracker to start the test off with. Connie was cautious as expected and said she in no way could endorse a diet like what Janet has been eating the past few days but as she watched her eat the cracker and then the Chinese food I brought she was impressed and would like to have Janet do another swallow X-ray. If all is clear in that then she will up the diet. That is the best result we could hope for tonight and the staff of Connect will contact Janet’s Dr. tomorrow to get an order written for the test. For now the official diet is still puréed and if we choose to give Janet anything different its at our own risk.

Janet was weighed this morning and tonight Bob and I weighed her wheelchair and found quite a discrepancy between Janet’s weight last week to today. Too much to be believable so Bob will verify the accuracy of their scale tomorrow and probably do a re-weigh and wait till next week before stating officially if Janet is gaining or losing weight on this diet. I personally feel she’s pretty much stayed the same this past week.

For once, Janet did not argue about going to bed tonight and was sleeping within fifteen minutes of hitting the pillow. Another good day for her.

Praying for a restful night and an exciting day tomorrow.

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