Food for Thought

Janet spent some time watching basketball with the kids before lunch today. She used to be an OKC fan but has switched to the Lakers, at least for today. I was writing the previous update at the time and she would often wheel over to me to see what I was up to, she also spent some time snooping around the kitchen. Once I caught her wheeling around with an oven mitt and she laughed when I asked her what she was doing with it. I asked her to put it back and with a little coaching she did. There were a few other things that needed putting away and Janet happily helped with that chore. She kept pestering me and everyone else about lunch seemingly ready to make some herself so we had to get on with it.

Since she is so determined to eat “real food” we let her start with some nachos that Heather made as well as some Melba toast crackers with antipasto as well as hummus. She ate everything she could and did very well swallowing. To get some protein and more substance in her I gave her a good portion of chili which she enjoyed as well. None of these foods are Connie approved but maybe it’s time to challenge that as Janet is doing really well in my opinion.

Later in the afternoon we Skyped Mary/Gaga who was wearing her elf hat and blinky necklace. It was a good conversation with Janet talking nice and loud for a lot of it. We also called Brittney and Ashley and it was nice to hear their voices and nice to hear Janet talking out loud to them.

In what I’m hoping is a new Christmas tradition, we ordered Chinese food for dinner. Janet chose what she wanted which turned out to be a little of everything except the spicy dish. The chow mien was a little challenging for her to eat as the noodles are quite slippery but she really enjoyed eating what “all of my people are eating”. We even allowed her a dessert of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Anxious to hear what Connie says about all this.

I took her back to Connect after dinner and this time there was no crying until she was in bed and trying to answer my question about which food she liked best today. She couldn’t come up with the name and got frustrated by that. I explained to her that I couldn’t even remember everything she ate today and that seemed to help. Her brother Mike called soon after that and brought smiles and a burst of energy to Janet. She was quite excited to talk to him and used her loud voice a lot. Good timing Mike. Janet let me give her a good leg stretch then lay beside her for a while till she fell “asleep”. A good ending to a really special Christmas Day.

Praying for a restful night, complete healing and a positive morning at Connect.

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