Quiet Sunday

A quick update from Laurel:

I arrived before 8 this morning surprised to find Mom already dressed and ready for her day. She was still lying in bed and not much was going on in the unit, so we stayed in her room for a nice little chat before heading out to breakfast. We talked about her move tomorrow to Connect, and at one point she became sad as she was worried that Larry would not visit her there anymore. I assured her that that would not happen. Overall, she seems nervous about her move, but could name many things that would be “better” about connect: the set-up, not being shuffled “from here to here to here,” having fewer patients, etc. After our chat, we joined a few others at the breakfast table, with Mom saying “hi” to those who greeted her. Mom ate all of her apricots and yogurt, and seemed to be alert to everyone around her.

Back in the room, we had a long wait for the nurses to get ready to help Mom in the washroom, and Mom noted that she thinks the nurses “forget about her” sometimes. We later had a good stretch and some more visiting before I left Mom to go pick up Heather who was going to join Mom for lunch and an afternoon visit. Now off to join them again!

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