Prepping for the Big Day

After an enjoyable day of skiing with Allan I headed down to see Janet just before her dinner time. It was super nice to see her smile and wave at me from her window as I walked by. She was very chatty describing her day so far. The main theme of her comments was “I didn’t really do much” but it took her fifteen minutes to tell me all the things she “didn’t” do. She complained quite vociferously that it was too early for dinner but of course she pretty much ate all of it without any assistance from me. She even drank one syringe worth of water from a cup all by herself with some really good swallowing times.

Back in her now rather stark room she agreed to let me do her nails special for Christmas. I chose an effect that was a little more challenging than I thought but it turned out well. I was very pleased with the stretch I got on her legs tonight and happy I didn’t have to work too hard on her with this being her last night at KGH. With that in mind I gave her choices of what to do for the rest of the evening. She was pretty tired and getting a little confused with her speech reduced to a whisper of sporadic Klingon. I decided to just lay in bed with her and try and prepare her for the big day tomorrow. Overall I think she is ok with the move to Connect but when I listed off tomorrow’s itinerary it seemed a little overwhelming to her. The change the subject trick worked and we were able to have a nice goodnight chat. Jason came in to check on Janet as she was brushing her teeth and I made sure she gave him a happy face lollipop. He was thrilled and gave Janet a big hug and a kiss and she had a huge smile on her face. Jason is definitely a star.

Praying Janet gets a good sleep tonight in preparation for a busy day tomorrow.

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