Holiday Mode 4

Janet and Leslie had a long but enjoyable conversation on Skype this afternoon. Lots of grins and giggles. Janet seemed content afterward to explore the house a little while we all visited and snacked. I gave her one of her favorite crackers with some of Maureen’s antipasto on it and Janet loved it. She’s not really supposed to have things like that but what the heck, it’s Christmas. Just before heading back to KGH for dinner we had time for a quick photo op with mom after Janet very loudly and sincerely presented her with her Christmas present. My mom got some nice loud voice from Janet this visit and that was especially moving for me to hear.


Laurel and Heather hung out with Janet for the evening at rehab while I went to the Christmas Eve service at Trinity with my mom, Courtney and Mike. They report that dinner went well with Janet feeding herself all of her entre. They watched a movie and chilled in Janet’s room before stretching her and getting her ready for bed.

Today was a good day for Janet. The pace was fast to begin with but settled into a mode where lots was happening but Janet was able to keep up with it all. She ate well and talked well and swallowed well most of the day. I’m blessed with support from a great family and a great faith community. So proud of everyone at Trinity for the inspiring and entertaining Christmas services, Endless Light. Looking forward to experiencing it with Janet on Monday.


  1. I’m loving the holiday pics! Great hair Janet! 🙂 Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year to all of you…with love, ~Brenda

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