Holiday Mode 3

Today started the way Janet would love to start everyday, with a trip to the salon. Chelsea graciously agreed to cut Janet’s hair this morning and it turned out really nice with Janet enjoying the whole experience, smiling most of the time and sitting all nice and straight and pretty. Chelsea is a true blessing and we are blessed to have her in our lives.

We picked up my mom on the way home so she could do some Christmas baking for us and hang out with everyone. On the way, while mom was at the bank beside Sandrine’s, her and her staff came out to wish Janet merry Christmas. Janet was very pleased to see them and we look forward to seeing more of Sandrine after the Christmas madness is over. While she was baking the rest of us headed off to the mall for our “Mall Blitz” shopping adventure. We drew names and had thirty minutes to get a thirty dollar gift for one person. That was definitely enough shopping for but Janet had a big grin on her face the whole time and probably scored the best deal of the day. Back home and after lunch it was time to wrap presents with Laurel and Heather.
Heather Laurel Janet wrapping presents

Janet had a little rest time while I gave her a stretch and then we Skyped Leslie. Seems that Janet is really happy to be home with everyone and I am glad she is able to do that.

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