Holiday Mode

My mom and I arrived at Janet’s room this morning to find her in the process of getting washed and dressed. She had a nice loud “hi” for my mom, first time she’s heard Janet’s loud voice and pretty much the only loudness of the day.

Breakfast was a little slow and quiet but the room was buzzing and that may have had Janet a little overwhelmed for so early in the morning. Afterwards she Bam Bam’d her way down to the gym fairly well and was happy to see Moira and get on with some activities.

I drove mom out to see Connect and she gave it a passing grade. We met a staff member I had not met yet and saw Janet’s room. It’s in house C1 and was being readied while we were there. Seems like Connect is ready for Janet, I hope she is ready for them.

Janet was sitting at the lunch table when I got back to rehab and quickly said she’d rather have lunch at home when I asked her. We are here as I write and hoping she can stay for dinner too!

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