One Thing Leads to Another

Janet was getting ready for her shower when I arrived this morning and was in good spirits about it. She came back all smiley and warm and after getting dressed we headed for breakfast. Janet ate well, even trying two bites of cottage cheese. She did not like it but she tried at least.

There was no time to do anything after breakfast other than drink water, brush teeth and get to the gym. Janet greeted Moira with a smile and with a little prompting was able to tell her “supposedly we are moving Monday”. Moira of course had heard and agreed it would be good for Janet to have one last session with her Monday morning before moving. I left them to do their thing and went to do some of my things.

I got back at noon with the intention of bringing Janet home for lunch and to do some baking with Laurel. Jessica and Nathan were tinkering with Janet’s wheelchair trying to maximize the comfort for Janet. The chair we all want her to try hasn’t arrived yet so we’ll have to do that at Connect.

Connie wanted to assess Janet’s swallowing one more time so asked if she could stay for lunch. She was happy with how Janet ate and will switch her to a full puréed menu starting with dinner today. She also watched Janet drink water from a cup and was satisfied enough to allow Janet sips of water, coffee or tea between meals. Big steps.

During lunch I cornered Dr. McCann to find out when he would Botox Janet. He said today was his only chance.

So, here we sit waiting for Botox then we are going home to bake and have dinner. I’ll bring Janet back for bedtime. All these delays have been good as we are getting lots done and Janet actually had a little rest.

Looking forward to some Christmas baking.

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