Janet and Laurel were chit chatting away when I finally made it into KGH this afternoon. Janet was looking very cute in her hot pink Adidas jacket that Heidi gave her and she gave me a really good report on her day so far. I was impressed with how much she remembered and there weren’t a lot of the usual “nothing” or “terrible” answers. It took a little while and a few attempts to get her loud voice going but she did pretty good for a while then faded in and out the rest of the evening. We attempted a little inside walk before dinner. Janet seemed confused at times but also had moments of Steve McQueen speed. Laurel said goodbye after the walk and Janet and I got ready for dinner.

Cam surprised us with his presence just as dinner was served and stayed for a nice visit. Dinner was two portions of macaroni and cheese, soup and pudding. Janet ate all the mac and cheese and most of the soup and even drank a quarter cup of water from a cup afterwards. She said she “hates the whole thing” about drinking water so we need to keep encouraging her to do this so the peg tube can be removed.

Cathryn came out to see me and tell me Janet has been accepted into Connect and is scheduled to move there Monday. We discussed the fact that is Christmas Eve but Cathryn doesn’t think we can change that except maybe to this Friday but I think that’s too soon. I will speak with Jen at Connect tomorrow and see how we can make this work. When I told Janet the news and asked if she was excited to move there she said “not excited to move but will probably be ok once I’m there”. I have mixed emotions about it but am glad for a change, Janet will have been in hospital for 224 days on Monday.

The rest of our evening was spent opening some Christmas cards then getting ready for bed which included a light stretch. Praying for a restful night, an exciting day tomorrow and a smooth transition to Connect.

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